We are (God's) women...hear us ROAR!!!

honing our skillsMornin’ Girlfriends! This is going to be a FANTABULOUS Friday for us all! I believe God is going to fire up in you that which has been inactive, out of action, undeveloped and lying dormant! The battle cry for today is…”WAKE UP FROM YOUR STUPOR”!! Lisa Bevere wrote a book entitled “Lioness Arising” (which I highly recommend you read), in which she talks about the many attributes of the lioness. The lioness teaches us how to
wake up our care-free nature, our striking beauty and our unrestrained strengths. She’s not AFRAID or ASHAMED of what God put inside of her. You see, the lioness has discovered and mastered what God designed her to do…find her place, work it exactly as He planned her to…with everything she has. It’s as simple as that ladies! We as women get caught up in what I like to call “the unnecessaries of life” and it gets us off track...we never find our place, thus we never work His plan. The lioness is content with what God designed her to do. She puts all her energy and time into that, therefore she masters it. The lioness is the perfect example of how God desires us as women to be…FIERCE, yet TENDER! I named my devotional “PROWESS and PEARLS” for that very reason. The word “PROWESS” means – aptitude, excellence, skill, ability, expertise, mastery, backbone, fearlessness, courage, endurance, lion-heartedness. “PEARL” means - something precious or choice, the finest example of anything, a gem or jewel. Prowess CANNOT be forced or faked, but IT CAN and should be honed and developed! If you HAVE IT…YOU OWN IT!! BAM!! Start attaching it to EVERYTHING you do…walk around like it’s yours! You may have “cooking” prowess, “writing” prowess, “teaching” prowess or “designing” prowess. Whatever that skill or talent is that is your “prowess” – hone, develop and OWN it! Share it with others; don’t keep it to yourselves…empower those around you! As I watch the 2012 Summer Olympics, I reflect on the winners and how they spent years and countless hours practicing, training and honing their skills, just for this moment. Their “athletic” prowess was on display, for all to see how their hard work and dedication paid off. Whatever it is that you’re good at or enjoy doing…WHO says you can’t be the BEST at it? When you think about it, there’s NOTHING about a lioness that makes you think…hmmm, “she’s insecure, she doesn’t know her position, or she’s unsure of herself"…NO! EVERYTHING about the lioness exudes and exhibits confidence, strength and beauty! I truly believe that just as the lioness, God wants us to take OUR positions in the Kingdom as she does in hers! This earth is OUR domain ladies…God gave it to us (believers) to have dominion over! We are God’s women…hear us ROAR!!! ;-)) Daniel 1:17. What are you doing to show off your prowess today?    "Lioness Arising" by Lisa Bevere

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  1. What a blessed reminder. You know, I have this book in my collection and have not read it but, I will start today. There is a reason I saw this post at this time right now. Thank you Sister for doing what God has you to do.

  2. Thanks so much Lyn for your encouraging words! You will enjoy the book, it's very revelatory!! Thanks so much for dropping by...have a blessed week!!


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