Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #47 and a snow day

encouragement link up and a snow day
Now you know I couldn't pass up on the "2014 Southern Winter Snow storm/Blizzard/Ice storm" bandwagon right!? Lol! Seriously, hope none of you got stuck, stranded or grounded like so many I know in the Atlanta area...horror stories!

We South Carolinians had it pretty good though. Our snow didn't arrive until around 8 or 9pm Tuesday evening. But we had to wait until morning to get a good look at it and boy was it beautiful! What I love about the snow here in the south as opposed to snow in the north(where I lived for about 8 years AND I don't miss
AT ALL this time of year). 1) We get to enjoy a day in(no school and businesses closed), 2) By the weekend, it'll all be gone and everything will be back to normal and most importantly 3) The temperature on Sunday will be close to 70! Gotta love it!

encouragement link-up and a snow day
View from the front(dining room window)

View from the side deck. Couldn't get any good shots from the sun room(too much glare)

View from my little nook(home office):-) See how little the desk is? Big enough for a computer ONLY(no space for clutter) lol

So, there you have it. A pretty good amount of snow for the south, huh? The best of both worlds! Yes, I love snow, but I only need a few days of it to get my "snow fix" for the year! If you live in the south and you experienced the "storm" of 2014, how did you spend it?  

Well enough of that! It's "DYWW", you know what to do. Tell us what you're "doing well", link up your post(s)...any you'd like, visit some other blogs in the link-up and show them some encouragement by spreading some comment love and don't forget to let them know you're stopping by from the "DYWW" link-up! Until next you guys and I call you blessed!! have until Friday, to enter the $850 cash giveaway! You can enter HERE!

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  1. Thanks for hosting Michell! In NC and we prob got about 3ish inches of snow. Puppies LOVED it :) Ice tomorrow so staying home. Be safe!

  2. Hi Sweet Friend
    Hope all is well. I'm really tired of snow and so ready for spring and warmth. Thanks for hosting. If you get time come over and link up with me too.

  3. Hi Michell. I'm not sure how much snow we've had in southeast Michigan, but I know it's been a lot more than usual. Thanks for hosting my friend. Stay safe & warm and have a great day!


  4. Hi Michell, hope you're staying warm!!!!!! Have a great and safe week :)

  5. You are right, Michell. Knowing that it will melt and that warmer weather is on the horizon really helps you enjoy the beauty. That happens here in March. Alas for now, what can't be cured must be endured:)

  6. Not sure if you saw, but you WON the Feb. ad space for voting for me :)

  7. We had an "ice" day here in Texas. But the kids had fun "skating" on the back patio! I feel terrible about all the people stuck in Atlanta and Alabama.

  8. Wow, I feel lucky that I am in the part of the country that has not had much weather issues.

    The only thing is that, in Northern California, that yesterday and today is the first of any rain that we have had in six weeks and we are in a drought right now.

  9. I WANT THAT NOOK!!! How cool is THAT??? SO beautiful to see a view from your window!! Oh, how I wish I lived in the south- because I too, only like snow for a few days. Ain't gonna happen here!!

  10. I love that snow!!!! Where we are in TN - it just keeps hitting right above us or right below us. I am waiting, though! Love my snow!

  11. Hey hun! I like the view but I don't enjoy all the hoopla it creates! I didn't go to work and then I got sick :(, UGH! I am feeling better I think now. Anywho, glad it didn't cause you too much turmoil. Have a great rest of the week!

  12. Hi Michell! Can I have your work area, complete with the view? Wow, I LOVE it. You took some lovely photos, and made your neighborhood look so still and beautiful. I'm glad you could enjoy a snow day, and then get back to the 70's. I wish we would do that in the midwest...sigh. '
    Happy Thursday!

  13. I am happy to say (and doing very "well") that we are having SUNSHINE and BLUE skies today; first sunshine in 14 days with the inversion and fog in Boise! Woo hoo! :) Love your pictures, however like you, I enjoy it for a couple of days and then I am good-ha!

    Stay warm sweet friend!

  14. Hi there! Stopping by from the Blog Hop! Now following and would love if you'd consider following back :)

  15. So...I'm a little late to the party, but...better late than never. Glad you are staying warm and safe despite all that snow. I feel so badly for the people in Atlanta.:(

    This week, I'm doing a 7 day fast-food fast, and I would like to workout at least 5x. That's my DYW wrap-up! Thanks for hosting, Mrs. Fabulous. XOXO

  16. Love the photos of the snow! We just had snow(all of time in Denver) a few days ago and we are expecting 5-10 inches tonight! Thanks, for the link-up!

  17. I've had my fix too. I've been in for about an hour and a half now and my feet are still numb. Tomorrow Christopher will be out of school for the fourth day in a row. Did I say already that I've had my fix?

  18. You guys got quite a bit of snow. Every area in Louisiana was different. My parents got a lot in Baton Rouge and then we got a little in Slidell. Some schools reopened in New Orleans today but Deuce's doesn't reopen until tomorrow. I wrote in my post today like you did about how I do not miss living up North. I'm with you, I'll take a few days of shut down and then back to normal and warm weather again. Linking up my iPhone shortcuts! Thanks Michell.

  19. I can definitely see how a person would enjoy a snowy day if they are so rare and if you get to go back to a beautiful sunny day afterwards! Although I love how the snow LOOKS, here in Chicago it has been frigid out and I would do anything for a warm sunny day!


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