It's Time to Move...

Hi everyone!! Yes, it's me! Wanted to let everyone know what I've been up to this past year. Well, I'll first start off by saying that I have missed you all so much!! But I promise, I haven't been loafing around. I've been working on something I've had a dream of doing for some time now. Writing books . . . yayyy and "about time" - as a good friend just told me. You know who you are, lol! ;-) !! I'm currently working on some self-help books (one of them going to press as I write), a novel, and a series of children's books. I'm also starting my consulting and coaching business the beginning of 2017! Sooo, excited about that one! Yeah, it's a lot, but I'm absolutely loving it! Which brings me to my reason for writing this post. I've moved, yep...taken up residency at another address on the web. I'm not closing down "Prowess and Pearls", just incorporating it into my new website. So please join me for my housewarming at my new place - the address is . . . (make sure to click the link to access it, lol). On my new site you'll find some great FREE resources I've created just for you. Downloads, courses, etc. I thank you guys so much for all of your support over these past few years and I'm looking forward to this new chapter and connecting with you over at my new site! YOU ROCK!!

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Mastering YOU Monday...the power of encouragement!

I guess there’s no better way to jump back into blogging than to jump back in it, right? And of course to share with everyone about my very first “Prowess and Pearls” women’s retreat I hosted last weekend! Yep yep, you heard correct…a “Prowess and Pearls” retreat! Not just any retreat though…you know the ones where speakers, workshops and the such. Been there, done that.  Not that there’s anything wrong with those retreats(because they're needed as well), but come on – we have to admit that sometimes after those kind of retreats, we can come out feeling like we’re in need of a vacation! You know how you go on a vacation that has an itinerary so jammed packed you get stressed out trying to make sure you check every single item off the list? Nope, this was a

Mastering YOU and recovery

       They say 46 is the new 26…so they say! But I’m smart enough to know that I’d better not treat my 46 year old body like anything other than what it is. Yes, I speak the Word over my body, but even God expects us to put works with our faith! Besides, if I’ve learned anything from the untimely deaths of my mother and mother-in-law, its that the enemy desires for us to be lacking in our lives where our health is concerned. I mentioned in my last post that I would tell you about my ever-so-lovely surgery. But don’t worry, I’ll spare you the gory details.

Here I am almost 7 weeks post-op from having major

Mastering YOU, life and change oh my!

Betcha thought I'd never come back to and me both! Wow! I’ve never taken a five month hiatus from my blog before; needless to say, I’ve missed writing, but most importantly…I’ve missed y’all!!! I must admit though, I stayed away from anything dealing with blogging while I was away. Pretty much off of social media as well.  Life just kinda gets like that sometimes…ya know.

 Sooo much has happened since I’ve been away. Let’s see…I turned 46, I had two

Mastering YOU EUREKA moment(I'm baaack)

Ahhh...this feels good - writing on my blog again! You know it's been 41 days since I put finger to keyboard(concerning this space). 

While I was out, it dawned on me the last time I punched someone’s time card was when I was 4 months pregnant(18 years ago) with our youngest child. There's a reason for that - deep down inside I

Farewell...well, at least for now

Hey my sweet blogging friends! Some of you have probably wondered where I’ve been…I assure you I’m still alive! :-)

I want to first start off by saying how much I appreciate each and every one of you! Back in January I mentioned the thought of hanging up my blogging hat for good, but decided not to do that...and I'm glad I did! But, I’ve found myself overwhelmed with life yet again…nothing bad at all. As a matter of fact, it's great awesome, as a result...I've got a full plate(not that I'm complaining)!! The months of March, April and May have always been busy months for our family, but this year…we've got many irons in the fire.

Mastering YOU Monday...parenting 101

I was saying to myself just last week how I should post some more about parenting. Would you know, I was watching "Morning Joe" this morning - well actually I was sleeping in and my husband came into the bedroom to tell me to turn the t.v. to "MJ". Anywho, I was intrigued by their guest Jennifer Senior, author of "All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood". Obviously, I've had my head in the sand when it came to this book as I

Mastering YOU much is too much?

I know I'm a week late, but how many of you watched the final episode of "The Biggest Loser" last week? If you didn't, I don't know how you missed it... it was plastered all over the news last week. Anywho, the finale is what prompted this week's "Mastering YOU Monday" post. BTW...Am I the ONLY person out there who watches the "BL" so I don't feel guilty about eating a big plate of food? Justifying my overindulgence by saying in the back of my mind..."oh, I'll never get THAT big"!

Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #48 and happy birthday mommy

an encouragement link up
Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope your week has been wonderful! Today's "DYWW" is dedicated to my lovely mother Mary Lee Brown Flemming, who would have celebrated her 71st birthday today! I sure do miss that lady!! Here's a post I wrote last year commemorating what would have been her 70th birthday. You can read "A Legacy of Grace" HERE. For those of you who know me, y'all know that I write letters to my mommy all the time, lol! 

I'm "doing well" because I can finally celebrate my mother's life without getting sad. I've been blessed with

Mastering YOU Monday...mind over matter

comparing natural birth to an epidural birth
Okay, so my post today was inspired by a conversation I had with my daughter the other day...out of all things...childbirth, IKR! Quite ironic, considering she's not planning on giving us grand kids anytime soon. But I'll save that for another post.

Not quite sure how the conversation started, but I'm glad it did, because I wanted to throw my two cents into the bucket